Thrive Virginia is committed to volunteerism as both an invaluable enhancement to the services that we provide, and as an opportunity for community collaboration. We appreciate our community volunteers and strive for the highest levels of professionalism in our field.

Volunteers are members of the community who have a special interest in working with Thrive Virginia and receive specialized training to do so. Volunteers are utilized in a variety of capacities to support our organizational needs. All Volunteers must complete an application, interview, criminal background check, and training before participating.

Some of our volunteers provide a quick response to short-term projects that can be accomplished in one-evening or one-weekend – aptly named “Done-in-Day” activities (Family events, Film Screenings, Outreach events, Holiday activities, and more!).

Other volunteers are willing to commit considerably more time in assisting others through rewarding but skill-intensive activities. These activities may require previous professional experience or training in a related area as well as specific training by Thrive Virginia.

Required Training

Volunteers must complete all agency required training. Training may vary by program and assignment.

If you have questions or are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities with Thrive Virginia, please contact us at info@thriveva.org and/or submit an application and you will be contacted shortly.

Get Started

To get started, click here to access our volunteer application.