How It Works

Get Enrolled

The King William Feeding Program is a free service offered to children who live or attend school in King William County. Families enroll in the program by submitting a registration form to Crossroads Mission Center or Thrive Virginia.

Enrollment Time

Registration forms are distributed to every student at each of the King William County Public Schools prior to Summer Break. While the King William Feeding Program allows enrollment throughout the year, new registration forms must be received by Wednesday prior to the day of distribution in order to guarantee meals will be available. New customers may fill out a registration form on the day of distribution but will not receive food until the following distribution.

Pick your Meals / Delivery

On the registration form, families are given the option to pick up their meals from Crossroads Mission Center or have the meals delivered to their home by volunteers. Meals are provided to each family during all extended school breaks including Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Meals are delivered throughout Summer Break on a weekly basis. During each break, families receive meal bags which include breakfast, snack, drink, and lunch items for each child. To help alleviate the stress of the holiday seasons during Thanksgiving and Winter breaks, families also have the option to receive a holiday basket, which contains food items to prepare a typical holiday meal.

Questions / Contacts

Crossroads Mission Center is located near King William High School at 694-K Sharon Road, King William, VA 23086.  If you have additional questions please visit Crossroads Mission Center or call 804-769-2139