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Healthy Families - Family Rights

Your Family’s Rights

Healthy families shall ensure that the following policies and procedures are provided so that the family’s rights are protected in accordance with Federal and State requirements:

  • The right to services that respect your personal liberty.
  • The right to an individualized, written service plan (to be developed upon program entry), periodic review and reassessment of needs and appropriate revisions of plan.
  • The right to an ongoing participation in the planning of services to be provided and in the development and periodic revision of the service plan.
  • The right to refuse service.
  • The right to confidentiality of records. (See Confidentiality Policy)
  • The right to access, upon request, one’s own records.
  • The right to referral, as appropriate, to other provider’s services at any time, including discharge from the program.

The right to file a grievance at any time during the course of service by calling (804)966-8727. The program shall endeavor to solve client grievance/s in an equitable and timely manner.


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