Parenting Workshops

What are the Nurturing Parenting Workshops?

Nurturing Parenting Workshops, offered in Charles City/New Kent, provide caring, comprehensive classes to parents and their children to help them learn new ways to work together as a family. The workshops are based on the philosophy that parenting is learned—the way parents were raised directly influences the way they raise their own children.

The Nurturing Parenting Workshops teach positive and effective ways parents can interact with their children at every age and stage of development. The focus is on the family—where children learn the values and beliefs that shape their futures.

Who can participate in the Nurturing Parenting Workshops?

Any family that wishes to learn how to bring their family closer and build stronger bonds can enroll. The program helps participants understand nurturing behaviors and learn how nurturing behaviors can work within their family environment.

Together the family learns to:

  • Build and develop the ability to recognize and value the thoughts and feelings of others
  • Handle uncomfortable feelings such as stress and anger
  • Communicate in non-threatening ways
  • Establish consistent, nurturing routines for fun family activities
  • Use alternatives to physical punishment
  • Take charge of their own feelings and behaviors, and interact with others in positive ways