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Quick Out Disclaimer

How it Works

“Quick Out” is a button designed to exit you quickly from the Thrive Virginia’s website. It is only available on certain areas of our website. Clicking on the ‘Quick Out’ button will redirect your browser to a neutral site. It is useful for people who are browsing this site in a public or shared space. For your convience, the “Quick Out” button is designed to redirect to websites with fast load times.

Privacy Disclaimer

Our “Quick Out” button redirects the browser to another website. Redirection times are dependent on the site the browser is redirected to and on the end-users internet connection speeds. This button does not in any way offer complete privacy of previous internet activity and as such Thrive Virginia. cannot be held liable for any actions caused by access to our website.

What You Can Do To Protect Yourself

All browsers keep track of your internet activity in order to provide a better and faster experience while surfing the web. Browser history can compromise your privacy and provide an easy way for others to see what web sites you been visiting.

You can delete your history in all popular internet browsers. Click on the links below to find out how for your browser: